The Flanagan American Healthcare Restoration Act

Healthcare Reform Has Never Been More Important

There's an important, direct relationship between American physicians and patients that has been tragically lost by Obamacare.  We can restore choice, decrease cost, increase access to quality care and innovative treatments, and most importantly, remove government from American healthcare where it never should have been-all at an average of half the annual cost to most patients.  How do we accomplish that?  By leveraging the fastest growing sector of healthcare:  The Concierge physician model.  By doing that, American citizens will save $24,000-$36,000 per year, per patient!  All with no deductibles, no pre-existing condition exemptions, no co-pays, and no government or insurance restrictions prohibiting YOUR doctor from doing what's right for YOU, the patient.  The only piece of healthcare that's maintained by insurance companies in the Flanagan Plan is catastrophic hospitalization and an optional prescription medication piece that for some patients makes economic sense and adds an average of $100 monthly to the plan.  Many plans under the Flanagan American Healthcare Restoration Act cost as little as $450 with no deductibles, compared to over $2000 per month for Obamacare that also has $15,000 deductibles.  My plan restores choice and quality care while also removing government control and the bloat of excessive insurance company costs.  With a vote for Tricia Flanagan, healthcare can finally work for all America!

It's time to restore healthcare choice to We the People!

BOTH GOVERNMENT CONTROL AND INSURANCE COMPANY OVERPRICING ARE REMOVED BY TRICIA FLANAGAN'S HEALTHCARE PROPOSAL!  Tricia Flanagan spent 25 years as a healthcare expert.  She started her career as a biochemist in oncology research, then went on to work in healthcare policy.  It's time for real healthcare solutions, it's time to replace unaffordable Obamacare.  Let's fully repeal and replace it with the Flanagan American Healthcare Restoration Act!