Faith matters


Surprised I lead with that?  Most people are.  I'm a Christian, and I'm happy and proud to discuss that.  I'm also well aware that our Great State is comprised of many different faiths.  Interestingly, though, as citizens, we embrace the common ground of love, hope, security, and safety for ourselves, our children, our families, and our homes. Combined with fiscal responsibility and resolve, there's no better ingredient for a bright New Day.

Flag Matters


When we recognize that, as Americans, we can agree on far more than what drives us apart, we have the basis of what our Founders had in mind.  Our Nation's first Capitol was in our state - Princeton, NJ.  The resolve to be free of burdensome establishment has gotten lost along the way, but it's ready to be revitalized.  It will take vision; it will take resolve; and it will require the same fortitude to start something new, but that moment is close.  This November 2018 election is our fresh opportunity to vote for change, to vote to make a difference, to vote for common sense, and to usher in the New Day dawning on our emboldened initiatives.  Let's unlock the true potential that will drive success for generations to come.  

Community Matters


Just as we saw in the 2016 election when hundreds of thousands - millions of forgotten, disenfranchised voters came out to surprise the establishment, the numbers show that there's a shift in the New Jersey tide coming too.  Our state is under fiscal attack more than ever before, and even more New Jerseyans than ever ascribe to a platform of fiscal responsibility and resolve.  Collectively, we have far more in common than anything that separates us.  When we join together, there's nothing we can't accomplish.  Our state needs true leadership more than ever before.  Please join me, I want to hear from you!  Most importantly, I want to serve you and bring fresh solutions and insight to the Washington/NJ connection that's never been riper for a New Day.

The Bottom Line Matters


As much as my opponents would like to think otherwise, budgets matter.  We don't pay our rent or mortgages, feed our children, or create economic opportunity with only good intentions.  We have to make the real world work from a real-world bottom line.

If the good people in New Jersey have to make their budgets work, so should Washington.  At the home-state level, New Jerseyans are amongst the most taxed in our country.  Are you happy with the results you're getting from Washington spending your hard earned money?  Well neither am I.  And there IS something you can do about it.  I have a real-world strategy for getting more results from less taxation.  Unlike my opponents, I've spent decades generating common sense solutions for my business and my family, and I'm ready to put those solutions to work for our great state.

Healthcare Matters


Healthcare is one of the most important topics Washington has attempted to address in recent sessions.  Yet, it remains broken and unresolved.  Quality care at an affordable cost is the goal, but the road isn't paved yet.  And affordable care is different than affordable treatment.  Nothing is achieved if healthcare becomes accessible only to lead to lack of innovative cures and options.

I have spent my entire career in healthcare and know the intricate details of what affects the full equation of care, quality, and good medicine.  I began my experience as a biochemist in oncology research and developed some of the first generation treatments in immuno-oncology.  On the business side, I worked tirelessly through the exact bureaucracy that stifles healthcare solutions in Congress now. 

It's time to end our healthcare crisis, and I'm ready to put my 21 years of experience to the solution in Washington.   With your vote, I'll make sure that New Jersey will lead the way to cutting-edge care that's accessible and affordable to all our citizens.  

NJ Business Corridor


New Jersey is a clear example of the best and the brightest.  Our peerless combination of people, insight, education, and hard work provides the richest resources of business and ideas.  Combined with our existing excellence in community, technology, industry, biotech, and human resources, nothing stands in the way of building the business corridor of tomorrow in our own yard.  

I've worked at this juncture all my life, and with your help, I can take this vision to Washington to ensure that resources are both allocated AND acquired.  Working within the NJ reach, I can also assemble and work directly with state-wide groups of industry advisors to create and continuously generate a feedback loop of solutions and implementations to benefit New Jersey.  

More jobs and innovation mean that no one is left behind and ensures that there are abounding opportunities for this generation and those to come.

We Need a Living Economy


We hear a lot about demands for a wage mandate - but it's a living economy that provides the growth necessary for all workers to have a sustainable living wage, not the other way around.  We need solid support for continued economic growth and recovery from the past.  The key to that growth is to elect more fiscally-resolved Leaders, and I'm ready to serve to make certain that the tax & spend NJ establishment doesn't take deeper root.

We Need Vision


The current Senate leadership in New Jersey reflects the failures of career legislators who have never experienced the real issues that affect our state or our country.  My opponents are cut from the same pattern of corporate or party ties without any innovative leadership vision.  Whether you're a Small Business Owner, or employed by one, or if you're part of any piece of making a corporation successful, you know that economic growth and stability sustain jobs and security.  If you have a family, you know that bills are paid with more than ideology and healthcare should provide more than high premiums and expensive added costs.  More failed policies would continue to crush our state - different parties, same establishment. These are the same issues that have crippled our state's growth for years, and prevented innovative reform.  I'm ready to bring my common sense and my decades of experience as a business owner in the biotech & healthcare industries, as well as my 17 years of experience as a parent who pays the bills, to Congress to fight for the economic growth, healthcare solutions, and corruption reform of our great state.  

It's time for a New Day, NJ!

We Need Someone Independent


We need dedicated service in Congress that serves all of NJ and that need is growing every day.  Our current state leadership is heavily-weighted to the uniparty of the Democratic and Republican parties.  That leaves a significant portion of New Jersey's constituency underserved and unrepresented.  It's time to change the power equation in New Jersey with a flip of the Menendez Senate seat to a truly innovative leader.  It's time to turn the page on failed policies, lack of vision, and politicians that serve their own interests instead of their Constituents.  It's time to have real leadership independent of party obligations and that means breaking away from the establishment that will only contribute to the same old grid lock in the US Senate. This is your seat, New Jersey, and it's time to flip it...

Flip it good! 

It's A New Day For NJ