Where I Stand On The Issues

True Leadership

NJ Needs Political Sanity

We need dedicated service in Congress that serves all of NJ.  Our current leadership is heavily-weighted to the establishment uniparty of Democratic and Republican bureaucracy. That leaves a significant portion of New Jersey's constituency underserved and unrepresented. It's time to change the power equation in New Jersey. It's time to turn the page on failed policies, lack of vision, and politicians that serve their own interests instead of their Constituents.  It's time to have real leadership. 

This is your seat, New Jersey, and 

it's time to flip it...

Flip it good! 

Fiscal Resolve

Current NJ politicians only represent the establishment, not the people.


Corporate & establishment cronyism is rampant on the list of issues that are mired in corruption serving only 

the establishment and party operatives. 

I'm in this race to make a difference for all of New Jersey because I've lived with the same frustrations you see every day.  

With a vote for me, you will be forgotten no more!  

This U.S. Senate Seat belongs to You, The People, and it's YOUR VOICE.  I'll never forget that.

We need to get rid of both the establishment politician mill and a stifled, do nothing Congress fermented in political entitlement.  To change that, we need to get back to a Government of vision - one that pulls from the non-politician sector.  

With a vote for Tricia Flanagan, you get someone who has worked her entire career as a change agent at the juncture of budget optimization and budget success.  With decades of policy experience at the healthcare, business, and technology level getting more results with smaller budgets, Tricia is ready to make her 20+ years of experience work to make New Jersey better than ever.

New Jersey has some of the highest taxes in America


I'll push hard to make sure that all New Jerseyans see the benefits of the recent tax cuts.  New Jersey politics and politicians of the past have forgotten that the Senate seat I'm running for belongs to the people of New Jersey. They may think that you vote to give them power, but I promise you that if you vote for me, I will make certain that Washington's power works for all the people who define our great state.  That incudes ensuring that tax policy works for the people and the businesses that make our state thrive.

Healthcare costs MUST NOT be tax costs & shouldn't break the family or business budget


Healthcare costs have skyrocketed with a decrease in quality.  Then, the Affordable Care Act turned care into taxes.  I'll make my decades of healthcare and business experience work for New Jersey and for America.  Healthcare affordability and healthcare quality don't have to be mutually exclusive, and it's up to Congress to find policy answers.  I've worked my entire career at the juncture of bringing concierge physicians together with pharmaceutical companies to create innovative treatment solutions that preserve affordability, increase quality of care & treatment, all while protecting and leveraging company profits that can be reinvested to maintain our American standard of healthcare excellence.

Healthcare Policy

"It's offensive to me that Americans have to beg a third party payer for the use of their own healthcare dollars..."

 - Tricia Flanagan 

CPAC Liberty HeathShare Interview 2/23/18

Healthcare reform will be one of the first Congressional priorities in the coming sessions.

The Affordable Care Act has tragically become unaffordable and unreliable, and the road is paved for a full repeal and replace. However, without fiscally-resolved input in Congress, all Americans will pay more for less healthcare.  It's time to ensure we do it right!  A vote for Tricia Flanagan will enable her to bring her 21 years of experience in healthcare policy and treatment development to the solution in Congress.

Close the deal with a vote to put the American people in charge of their healthcare dollars and decisions.

Quality healthcare and access to life-saving, innovative treatments should be the goal and priory in America again. Tricia Flanagan will use her decades of experience in meeting those goals in the U.S. Senate to make a difference for your health and your bottom line.

Got Questions, please get in touch!

It's Time To Lean Together

Are you excited about politics yet?


I can't blame you if you're not.  

But it shouldn't be that way.  

This is our great state, New Jersey, and I'm ready to get to work to make it the best it's ever been. If you've felt that the politics of the last decades haven't worked for you, I hear you.  I'm frustrated with the same old too.  That's why I want to work with you to create a bright new day for us.  

Let's meet.  Let's discuss.  Let's do this!

The NJ/DC Connection


The politicians of the past haven't connected with real New Jersey.  But the halls of Washington shouldn't feel so far away.  I bring a world of experience in business, family, and making things work between many moving parts.  Isn't it time we sent someone to the U.S. Senate with real-world experience, values, and common sense?

It's time to get it right


New Jersey has a bright future filled with industry, growth, and new jobs fueled by innovation - with no one left behind.  

I bring a vision of attracting the best talent, technology, expertise, and experience and know how to tap into the newest ideas of how our great state can expand and thrive.  

If you will join me and send me to Washington, I'll make sure that we can 

make New Jersey even brighter!

We're glad you're part of the team!

There's much to accomplish. 

Please take a moment to get in touch and find out more about all we can do together. 

Let's Do This