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We're launching reach-out campaigns in every community in New Jersey.  Please get involved, take ownership, and help us move forward.  Please reach us on social media, and share, share, share!

Share an idea!


This is your campaign, New Jersey, and we want to hear from you!  Please reach out to us to share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and solutions.  Isn't it time that your Senate seat works for YOU?  We're committed to real-time solutions...the first step is getting in touch!

Veteran's Initiatives


Tricia's father spent his career in service to our great country in the United State Navy.  Recognized for his loyalty and valor, he is a cherished part of Tricia's passion for serving her country as well.  If you are a Veteran, or love a Veteran, we want to hear from you so that we can best serve your needs and goals.  Please get involved in our campaign, and please also know that we're thanking you each day for your selfless service in keeping our country and our loved ones safe, and our homeland free.

Junior Senate Board


Our youngest New Jerseyans deserve a seat at the table!  Contact us to find out how your student can help to serve on our Junior Senate Board.  It's specially designed to help students from ages 12-17 serve their communities, learn about the political process, and get them excited about being a leader.

#UsNow Women's Leadership


It's a new day for women in NJ, in our country, and in our world! This new day brings the light of empowerment, and I know you can feel it too.  It's about leaning together.  The strength that's mounting isn't about women's about the girls who will become us, the friends who support us, and the families that love us.  

Let's get there together!

Let's Make History


With your help, Tricia will become the first woman in our history to hold a United States Senate Seat from New Jersey.  She needs your help to do that!  

We have a number of volunteer leadership positions available.  Please get in touch to be part of Team Tricia and become a leader of one of our important campaign initiatives.  

Let's make history together!