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Tricia Flanagan is a healthcare expert who began her career as a biochemist in oncology developing first generation life-saving immunobiologics.  She went on to work in global industry at some of the world's foremost pharmaceutical leaders - Pfizer, Becton-Dickenson, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.  She then served as CEO of The Flanagan Group and President of Anderson Ludgate Global Healthcare & Life Sciences to help develop policies and strategies to keep drug costs affordable while also maintaining quality development of therapeutic treatments and preserving innovation.  Working at the juncture of business, technology, managed care, government healthcare policy, and medical advancement, Tricia saw firsthand how failed Congressional policies are leading to real-world problems in the economy, taxation, trade policies, and healthcare.  Tricia is also a mother of three who has personally felt the pressure of raising children, and paying the bills at the juncture of failed policies that haven't served our state or our nation and sees how the current NJ establishment choices only offer more of the same.  

Tricia's father spent his career in the U.S. Navy and inspired in her a call to the duty of public service. She brings her deep family roots and values to the cause of serving as another voice of common sense and fiscal resolve in Washington.  Her vision is to make our communities, our state, and our nation a better place.  Her passion is fueled everyday by her sense of honor and duty, and her belief in the American Dream.

Forward thinking requires new leadership.  

Tricia is ready to bring her 21 years of strategic common sense to a New Day in  DC

Answering The Call To Duty Of Public Service

"I was inspired to answer the call to the duty of public service by my family.  My Grandfather served in WWI, and my Dad served his entire career in the U.S. Navy. My whole family taught me the value of faith, honor, and dedicated service to my Country. It's what motivates me everyday to fight for the American Dream."

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