Standing With Israel

Support For Israel Has Never Been More Important

"I'm so honored by the opportunity to take my interfaith work to the national forefront.  

I will always stand with Israel."

America has a strong and important history with Israel that must be nurtured and protected.  As one of our staunchest allies, Israel supports the entire free world.  Electing a friend of Israel to Congress ensures appropriations of both resources and support for the cause.  Tricia Flanagan will bring this dedication to Israel and our mutual causes to her seat in the United States Senate 

- a place and time when it's never been more crucial.

"We must never forget that Israel is our strongest ally on the front line in the Middle East, and their strategic support combined with their experience and geographic advantage offer peerless tactical engagement and military reinforcement. Israel and the Jewish people are our allies, our friends, and forever our partners in bringing the world to a better, safer place."

     - Tricia Flanagan

        CPAC 2018