It's a New Day for NJ

It is with great honor and humility that I announce my candidacy for the United States Senate from the great state of New Jersey.

As a mother, an entrepreneur, and an impassioned citizen, I see how critically important innovative thinking is to helping our state walk into the bright new day of opportunity waiting ahead. New Jersey is an incredible constellation of potential. From our thriving cities to our fruitful pastures and breathtaking coastline, there has never been a better time to invest right here, right now.  But stagnant leadership and outdated bureaucracy has stifled innovation and thwarted growth.  My experience in the space where healthcare policy meets healthcare reality has put me squarely within New Jersey's increasing need to develop unique solutions to expanding needs.  I bring with me decades of real-world perspectives in making need meet success, and I'm excited about what that can mean for New Jersey's expansive future. 

With your help, I will be the first woman in our history to hold a U.S. Senate seat from New Jersey, offering a glimpse to our next generation into a reality of equal exploration of leadership and service. The time is right to make this difference and travel onward into a bright new day for New Jersey, and I ask you to be part of the team that makes that happen.

I look forward to serving our state with the combination of vision and practical solutions that will reach forward for generations to come. Our state needs to push back on establishment extremes with the Independent platform that I offer, and nothing motivates me more than being able to enhance our tremendous New Jersey potential by gaining a voice in Washington DC that truly works to facilitate and realize the bright future our State has ahead.

I send you my sincerest thanks for this opportunity to serve you and offer my heartfelt gratitude, and my promise of tireless dedication as we begin this important journey together.  

Let's join together and step into a bright new day for NJ...



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About Tricia

Real-world Experience

Tricia started her career as a biochemist doing oncology research at Brown University.  Her ground-breaking discoveries were published in the MD Anderson Journal of Lymphokine and Cytokine Research.  Since then, Tricia has spent nearly 25 years at the juncture of healthcare policy, and healthcare treatment and innovation - first at Pfizer, Becton Dickenson, and Bristol-Myers Squibb, then as President of Global Healthcare and Life Sciences at Anderson Ludgate Consulting. She looks forward to bringing that same peerless, strategic, and results-oriented insight to the space where service, need, and innovation meet solutions between New Jersey and Capitol Hill.  Tricia's father spent his career in the Navy and inspired in her a call to the duty of public service. She brings her deep family roots and values to the cause of serving as another voice of fiscal sanity in Washington.  Her vision is to make our communities, our state, and our nation a better place.  Her passion is fueled everyday by her 3 children, her sense of honor and duty, and her belief in the American Dream.

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