"It's about the girls who will become us, and the families & friends who support us..."

It's time to move from #MeToo to #UsNow


It's about empowerment

It's a new day in our country, and in our world! This new day brings the light of empowerment, and I know you can feel it too.  


It's about doing it together

The strength that's mounting isn't about us as women alone...it's about the girls who will become us, the men who support us, and the families that love us.  Let's get there together!


This seat is yours, NJ

"New Jersey politics and politicians of the past have forgotten that the Senate seat I'm running for belongs to the people of New Jersey. They may think that you vote to give them power, but I promise you that if you vote for me, I will make certain that Washington's power works for all the people who define our great state."

- Tricia Flanagan

Tricia Will Be The First Woman In American History...


With a vote for Tricia Flanagan, NJ will make history -

With your help, Tricia will be the first woman ever to hold a U.S. Senate seat from the state of New Jersey. 

Did you know that Tricia has been a woman in the STEM field for over two decades?  In doing so, she has tremdous experience paving the way for women.  She also has three children who motivate her daily to work for innovation in leadership and service.  With her Senate seat, she will ensure that women will be fully served in New Jersey, in Congress, and anywhere she can affect women's leadership initiatives in our country. For us and our next generation, Tricia's strength, experience, determination, and character will open new doors of purpose for leadership and success.

Junior Senate Board

Our youngest New Jerseyans deserve a seat at the table!  Contact us to find out how your daughter can serve on our Junior Senate Board.  It's specially designed to help students from ages 12-22 serve their communities, learn about the political process, and get them excited about being a leader.

Share the big news

We're launching reach-out campaigns in every community in New Jersey.  Please get involved, take ownership, and help us move forward.  Please also reach us on social media, and 

share, share, share! 


Get Involved

There's so much to do! 

Please reach us now to find out how you can get involved.  

Help us make a difference!

Lean Together

It's a new day for women in NJ!